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Three Phase Advantages on Single Phase Lines

     Phase converters make it possible to operate three phase motors from single phase power lines when three phase power is not available, or when the cost to obtain it is prohibitive.  Converter motor combinations are being used to successfully operate many kinds of industrial and farm loads.  Some examples are:  computers, oil wells, welders, HVAC equipment, magnets, dry cleaning equipment, machine tools, crop driers, grain handling systems, irrigation pumps, CNC machines and animal feeding systems. 

     Three phase motors are used instead of single phase motors for a number of reasons when three phase power is available.  In sizes above two horsepower, three phase motors generally are more readily available and less expensive than single phase motors of the same horsepower ratings.  They are very simple in construction, requiring no starting windings or starting devices (such as internal centrifugal switches) and fewer parts generally means fewer maintenance and service problems.  The direction of rotation is easily reversed with three-phase motors by simply interchanging the connections to any two of the motor leads.

     Proper selection, installation and protection of both the phase converter and the three phase motors are essential for satisfactory performance from a converter motor combination.  This website is intended to provide guidelines in the selection and installation of phase converters to allow the user to realize the maximum benefit from a converter motor combination.